ADORE: Powerful alternative rock is back

‘Connecting deeply and instantly.’ That’s the meaning behind the band’s name and the purpose of its musical universe.

The powerful and electric rock band ADORE is led by a commanding and exhilarating voice, supported by explosive guitars and a strong rhythm foundation.

ADORE was formed in 2015 in Paris by Adrien (singer-songwriter & guitarist). The band comprises of lead guitarist Lionel, bassist Alice, and drummer Rodolphe. Strongly influenced by American bands such as The Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, and MGMT, but also by British rock with Muse, Royal Blood, and Artic Monkeys, ADORE combines all these styles to drive their unique energetic and powerful sound.

After several live performances in Paris, in iconic venues such as Bus Palladium, New Morning, and Bataclan, the band recorded their first EP “Restarted” in 2019. Rolling Stone magazine described their debut EP as: “almighty rough rock.” Saying it was a “thunderous kick off” for the group, which has paved the way for an explosive new sound.

In October 2021 ADORE released their debut album, named “Upside Down”, showcasing their rich musical influences. With lyrics that invite their audience into a deep reflection, and strong songs which are emotionally engaged and powerful, this first album promises impassioned tracks with driving instrumentation.

Live on stage is when ADORE produces its strongest electrical charge, the band knows how to capture its audience with its infectious energy.